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HBM Group is a leading independent services provider.

We are focused on delivering comprehensive international company solutions. We assist in the formation and management of international companies for businesses and individuals, while ensuring compliance with international legislation. 

HBM Group provides a complete range of services and solutions ranging from incorporation, management, accounting, tax, licensing services and trust amongst others. In a highly regulatory business environment, our team of dedicated professionals, which specializes in various sectors, offers a premier and personalized service to clients that meet and exceed their expectations in an ever-changing global market.

We understand that each client is unique, hence our services are tailored to meet each client’s expectations, based on their priorities and desires for their businesses.  By building on our tradition of excellence, and protecting the integrity and reputation of our clients, HBM Group is committed to providing our clients with all the necessary services for economic success.

Raoul Behr - CEO of HBM Group

Raoul Behr


Sarah Borg - Director of HBM Group

Sarah Borg


Herman Oosten - COO of HBM Group

Herman Oosten



We transform your international business opportunities into successfully managed sustainable enterprises.

Raoul Behr, CEO

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